Monday, 6 June 2016

Windsurfing & Sailing Rental and Lesson prices..

Windsurfing rental :     1hr 70 tl / 2 hr 100 tl / 3 hr 130 tl. / 1 day 180 tl.
Windsurfing private lesson  :    1 hr  100 tl
Windsurfing group lessons   :    3  hr 320 tl.  7 /  5 hr 550 tl / 10 hr 750 tl ( min. 2 person -Max. 4 persons, perperson price. within 3 days the course is completed.)
Laser /pico rental           : 1 hr  90 tl
Laser /pico private lesson   : 1 hr  150 tl. / 2 hr 250 tl
Laser /pico group lesson     : 1 hr  50 tl.    ( min 3 persons.)
Catamaran Rental             : 1 hr  100 tl / 2 hr 150 tl / 3 hr  190 tl
Catamaran Lessons            : 1 hr  150 tl / 2 hr 250 tl.
SUP Rental                   :    1 hr 60 tl

SUP Yoga Lessons             :    1 hr 60 tl    (min. 3 people.mornings at 10:00 am)

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Windsurfing Lessons

If you're a beginner wanting to learn, or an intermediate looking to improve skills then you have come to the right place!

Whether you are staying with us, or locally, we have instructors at hand to teach you.

Group beginner windsurf lessons

The group beginner windsurfing courses consist of a 6 hour lesson taken in two, three hour sessions. Lessons are based on a minimum of 2, or a maximum of 6 people.

  The beginner class includes;

    Simulator session on the beach, where you learn the basic technical aspects before practicing on the water.
    How to carry the equipement safely
    How to balance on the board and lift the sail out of the water easily (secure position)
    180 degree turn
    Sailing position, sailing back and forth
    Steering up wind and down wind (towards and away from the wind)

The beginner course is designed to be fun, with the intention of getting you comfortable and confident on a board!

Group improver windsurf lesson

We recommend a minimum of 3 hours practice after the beginner lesson, before moving onto the next course (impover windsurf lesson). This course is designed to cement your skills and teach you faster and more efficient turns (Tack and Gybe).

Intermediate windsurfing lessons

The intermediate windsurf lessons take you to the next level. You will learn control in higher winds, faster turns, beach starts, using harness lines, footstraps, getting your board planing and fine tuning your light wind skills.

All of the group lessons include equipment hire and buoyancy aids. Group windsurf courses require a minimum of 2, or maximum of 6 students of the same ability to go ahead - if this is not possible then we recommend private windsurf lessons.

Private windsurfing lessons

Private windsurf lessons are one-to-one sessions designed to accelerate learning. The private lessons can cover any aspect of the sport, from improving your general technique to learning specific things like waterstarts, harness or carve gybes.

Why learn to windsurf in Bitez?

    Great equipment
    Excellent instruction in small groups
    Safe & Shallow water
    Get a great tan and have fun

    "First proper attempt and with two hour lesson was cruisin across the water with a smile on my face and a tan forming nicely" Andy Walker

Saturday, 14 May 2016


Contact Details

Ahmet Erdem - 0532 32 32 441
mail :

Where we are..

Our club is at the end of Bitez Beach towards to Ortakent , in front of Poyraz Hotel or Kumsal beach Restaurant

Dinghy and Catamaran Sailing Holidays

We have a great choice of catamarans and dinghies available at the centre, whatever your ability.

Choose to either stay with us in our accommodation and have the sailing included in the price, or alternatively rent by the hour or week.

If you are seeking an adrenaline filled ride, then you will want to take advantage of the Hobie 16, or Dart 16.

The catamarans are available for rent for experienced catamaran sailors. However, if you want to learn or just have a ride then instructors are on hand.

Picos and Lasers

Our sailing dinghies are great whatever your ability. Picos are ideal for those that are new to sailing, and our laser 1s suits the more advanced sailor.

   "I first thought that I wouldn't be able to control the funboat, pull in the sail against the wind and turn it, but it was so easy and much faster than I expected... was so much fun!" Nihan Gumrukcuoglu

Dinghies and Catamarans

At the centre there is;

    1 x Hobie 16
    1 x Dart 16
    4 x Laser Funboats
    2 x Laser Pico's
    2 x Laser 1s
Learn to sail

If you want to learn to sail one of our dinghy's or Catamarans we prefer to teach 1 to 1, this will accelerate your learning.

If you want to take a break from sailing or just get out on the water, soak up the sun or explore the bay, then there is single and double canoes available for rent.

Windsurfing holidays near Bitez, Bodrum, Turkey

Windsurfing holidays in Bitez are amongst the best in Turkey, with great kit and conditions for all levels of windsurfers.

Why choose us?
            Fantastic conditions
            Best instruction
            Great equipment
            Large sandy beach
            Friendly, no pressure atmosphere
            Great base for exploring Bodrum

Condtitions for windsurfing

Our windsurfing centre is close to Bodrum city center , Bitez, and in a very safe bay due to the cross-on shore wind.
The beach is gentle shelving for about 75 metres making learning easy. Mornings are the best time to learn, when there is a light breeze blowing and the water is flat. The wind picks up in the afternoons, allowing the more advanced sailors onto the water.

Kadikalesi benefits from a Venturi effect generated by wind funneling over the large hill at the end of the bay, which is then squeezed between the island opposite creating on average 2/3 knots stronger wind than the rest of Turgutreis.

Bodrum benefits from the Meltemi (thermal wind), which blows from April till October. For wind reports, go to Windfinder Bodrum Bitez

Windsurfing Holidays Turkey


We have dedicated staff watching you on the water at all times, and an excellent rescue service in case of any emergencies.

Windsurfing School

For details of the windsurf school, courses and private lessons, please see lessons.

How to find us when in Bodrum

Catch the minibus service (Dolmush), from the centre of Bodrum towards Bitez (see googlemaps)

Low wind days
On low wind days we have a variety of activities including SUP boards.

If you want to contact us locally for any information on renting windsurfing equipment, or about our holiday packages, our Turkish mobile is; ++90 (0)5076318720

Windsurfing Equipment Hire - Rentals

At our centre we have a great range of windsurfing equipment for all ages and abilities.

Whether you are staying with us on our inclusive windsurfing package, or near to Turgutreis we have a great range of windsurfing equipment for all ages and abilities.

Beginner Equipment

Beginners use stable BIC boards and lightweight training sails. The beginner boards range from 180 to 220 litres and use dacron sails ranging from 2.0 to 3.5 metres.

Intermediate windsurf equipment For intermediate and advanced sailors we have a mixture of Tushingham and Hot Sails Maui. These sails range from 4.2 to 8.5.

Intermediate windsurf kit

The intermediate windsurf boards are Mistral, Starboard and RRD, and range from 150 to 112 litres. We have plenty of boards for you to use, however here are a few examples of our Starboard & RRD board range;

2 x Starboard Carve 121
2 x RRD Fireride 125
2 x RRD Firemove 120
2 x RRD Xfire limited edition 112

Advanced Kit

For the more advanced, there is the Tiga X wave, boarder X boards and RRD, these range from 111 to 85 litres. For example;

    1 x RRD Freestlyle wave 108
    1 x RRD Freestlyle wave 102
    1 x RRD Freestlyle wave 96
    1 x RRD Freestlyle wave 90
    1 x 111 Tiga boarderX
    1 x 90 Tiga boarderX
    1 x 85 Tiga X wave

What to bring?

Very little is the answer! You might want to pack your own harness, however we do have a limited range and we have buoyancy aids provided at the centre.

The water is very warm so you can easily get away with just shorts or a bikini, however when it's very windy, we would advise a shorty (warm weather wetsuit).